I am rather suprised to be sitting down typing up yet another what we loved post. May has literally flown by. I feel like this year is flashing past and I wish it would slow down. Its been a bit of a chaotic month, but there have been plenty of loves, so without too much waffling, here is what we loved throughout May

Mr B Loved

* The return of The Musketeers

* The idea of finally starting the house renovations

* Summer shifts coming into play at work

* Sons of Anarchy

Mummy Loved

* Reading LOTS

* Tweaking her blog design

* Karaoke parties

* The Secret {ITV}

* Watching H in his first school assembly

G Loved

* Netflix

* Her school trip to London

* Mummy coming into to school for the day

* Practising her writing

* School dinners

H Loved

* Spending time in the garden

* Dress-up day at school

* Having the fire brigade pop by school and letting the children in the engine

* Attending lots of parties

*The countdown to his birthday

What have you loved this month? I have opened it up so you can link up if you want too, so feel free to add yours!

Do pop by next month to see what we have loved about June!


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