Weekend To-Do’s…



I have a fairly busy weekend! Moo has a party to go too, she is lucky in the fact that the majority of play-group friends will be going to the same village school so all the friends she made in play-school will be there in September.

The husband is actually working this weekend so its just me and the children, so what with the party and some hopefully crochet time (once I have worn the children out at the park saturday morning I will take my newly of the shelf edition of simply crochet with me!) I can put on a film after lunch and and will can all relax in front of it! I will probably stop of at the in-laws for a cheeky roast dinner on Sunday too!

Its sounds so nice and relaxing as I type, whether it ends up like this, who knows! What ever you do, have a lovely weekend!

Mummy Hearts You 

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