Toddler On The Move…

Yes… Finally… We have a toddler on the move! It must be about 6 weeks ago now Thor took his first 5 steps, I thought that this would be it and there would be no stopping him but its been a long 6 weeks! Yesterday Thor took me by surprise, stood up – which he has now had down to a fine art for many many months now, and walked towards me! he then turned around and walked back towards Moo, he didn’t stop there either, he just kept going, back and forth! Today has been the same, to me, daddy, Moo, the sofa, the kitchen, the TV unit, the toy box! I am trying to process the fact,


I have been waiting for this day for months! and there is no stopping him now! and he is so so chuffed with himself when he does do it and likes the cheers and claps he receives when he manages it too. Moo has been a great big sister too in trying to help and teach him and has taken great pleasure in saying what a clever brother she has!


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