The Tree Is Finally Up…


Its starting to feel a little bit like christmas! Yes I finally said it… I am not going to shout it out from the roof tops just yet, as I still don’t feel 100% there just yet, but now the tree is up and the candles were lit, I did have a small ounce of christmas spirit saturday night, but it disappeared once I blew the candles out! I think if the children were well in themselves I could be there but with them being ill, and grumpy at the moment I cant get excited about it. Once the 21st arrives and the husband is then off for a whole 7 days, the first in a long time! I will then be excited! We need to add a few more baubles to the tree, its looking a bit empty, but I will do that when Moo Moo and Thor are in bed one night this week, but to get the blog all christmassy its only fair to share some pictures!






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