Do you make them? do you even keep them? or stick to them? When I was younger I used to make silly ones like:

  1. Keep my room tidy
  2. keep of the chocolate
  3. spend my money wisely not on crap
  4. stay on a diet
  5. Be more organised

These never lasted a a day… My room always got cluttered with clothes, I always gave in to the christmas left over chocolate and always used PMT as an excuse to eat more of it. I spent my money on things I really didn’t need, but when you don’t have no ties and are young then why not? I could not and still can not stick to a diet, PMT always lures me back to the chocolate tin! I was never organised and it would never work to be more organised…

So Im guessing you have figured that New Years resolutions don’t sit well with me! haha.. If you set yourself any resolutions then good luck, I hope you have better success than me!



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