Its Amazing How Different Children Are…

Moo Moo in my eyes is a clever little girl! She has a memory of a sponge and can tell me things that happened 2 years ago, which sometimes stops me in my tracks and worries the hell out of me but when I sit and think about it, most of the time she is bloody right! For a 4 year old I think thats pretty damn amazing! Thor is a completely different child, but Im always being told

“Boys are different”

Thor doesn’t talk much, over the last few days though I have noticed he has learnt a fair amount of new words! Baba, Cars, Keys, Bat Man is a new favourite!  He already knows the basics.. Ta, Mama, Dada, he points too at a lot of things and makes a grunting noise, which I am trying to get into a habit of saying the item he is pointing to..

“you want your JUICE, do you?”

Moo on the other hand could string a whole sentence together by now, in fact, we could not shut her up! from the moment she started talking that was it, she just never stopped!  Im not bothered by Thor’s lack of interest in speech, he manages well, and he does speak when he wants too, and is learning new words but I just find it amazing how different children are.


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