Christmas TV…

Since its the 1st of December tomorrow I may as well get all excited that Christmas is in fact just around the corner! Last year and a few years before that the BBC did there own adaption of The Gruffalo and The Gruffolo’s Child, which I totally and utterly fell in love with! This year I am so overly exctied about eh adaption of Room On A Broom!!! Its by the same makers of the Gruffalo and has some fantastic ┬áso it should be good! Moo Moo loves the book and she caught the BBC advert the other day with a clip of the witch in the other day and she is so excited about it! The rest of the christmas TV that the BBC is putting on this year does not look too bad either!


Screen Shot of Room On A Broom!!!

The BBC Christmas Advert…. Can you spot the Witch?


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