A New Lease Of Life…!

In the summer we re-potted our orchid. This orchid was bought for us when we moved in to our flat 5 years ago. We were very nervous about re-potting it we didn’t want to kill it as it had bloomed so well every year and if it died we were worried it would spell bad things for us! Since re-potting a few new roots have grown out and a few new leaves have grown and fallen and I was starting to feel really disheartened that this poor little orchid had lost its way and actually given up… until a few weeks back when I watered it, I saw this tiny little shoot!! That tiny little shoot is now a big shoot.. I am so pleased that this orchid has had a new lease of life! you may be thinking, “all this for an orchid!” well yes, its a lovely plant and Ive become rather attached to it!


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