With so many movies available to watch on streaming services, knowing what to watch can be a real challenge. This guide is going to look at some of the best movies of all time. This will help you to decide exactly what you would want to watch.

Grease might be a very old film having been released way back in 1978, however it’s a must see. Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta make this film magical. It’s full of comedy and plenty of very catchy songs. If you haven’t seen it for some time, then it’s worth checking out.

Frozen is one of the most successful Disney films of all times. It’s mainly popular with young girls, although even adults will find themselves humming or singing along to various songs. If you have young kids in your house then you’ve probably seen Frozen hundreds of times by now.

Tangled is another popular film from Disney. Although not as popular as Frozen, it has a touching story and some beautiful songs. Tangled tells the story of Rapunzel in a slightly different way to normal. These modern re-telling’s of old fairy tales are what Disney does best.

There are eight different films in the harry potter franchise. If you have read the books then you will love the film series. It’s full of magic and mystery. It’s also great to see things come to life and compare them to your own imagination.

The Harry Potter films are family friendly films, even young children will enjoy watching the first few. However, they get darker as Harry gets older. This means that some younger kids will be a bit scared by some of the later films.

A spin off from harry potter is Fantastic Beasts. This is set 70 years before the first book. There are several more films planned with at least another two in the pipeline to look forward too.



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