Moo had her first parents evening this week. I was so nervous and excited. I can not get anything out of her at the end of the day! So this was a perfect opportunity to find out what she actually gets up too in school!

I sat down and was beaming with pride when I was told what a lovely little girl Moo is. She is willing to learn and does not have any problems within the class.

I was always concerned about Moo’s inner circle. She has a “best friend” who was at the same play school as her and Moo attached herself to her. I was so worried at the beginning of the year that this was going to be a problem and actually deep down I worried it would be quite unhealthy for Moo. To my surprise Moo’s inner circle has in fact become quite big and she interacts with a lot of other children now, which made me so proud, Moo just needed that little push and by the sounds of it she has settled in really well.

I was told about all of the targets Moo should be meeting and she is bang on track for everything. Her handwriting has improved immensely and she can now write her name from memory. She can also write the numbers 1-11 and they are working on the next phase of 12-20. She can get confused sometimes and will end up writing them back to front but 9 times out of 10 she can do it.

Moo gets frustrated very easily and if she struggles with something she won’t let on and she will keep it to herself and struggle silently. She is also very conscious of what others are doing and always feels they are doing better, which for someone so young is quite hard. We often have meltdowns after school telling me that she “just can’t do it”

I was able to go into the classroom and look at her work, I am so proud as to how far she has come. I remember the first week she was there and we were given a pack of how they should be writing, Moo took one look and said she was unable to do it, but her workbook tells me differently. I have such a clever little girl.

One other thing that makes me beam with pride is, when I pull her book out of her book bag and give it to her to read. Seeing my little girl read from a book I find amazing.

Moo’s first parent evening was a huge success and if she has manage to get this far in just over 12 weeks I have no doubt that she will meet the rests of the targets the teacher has set her.


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