The Little Boy {2 Years 8 Months}

This is a big year for you. In just a few months you will be starting play school. It makes me sad to think I do not have a baby any more but I have a handsome, charming, clever little boy.

These past few months you have learnt so many new things. The biggest achievement is you are now potty trained and you no longer wear nappies! {apart from night-time}

This was a task I was not looking forward too, but you took to it so well and within 2 days you were taking yourself off to the potty on your own! You surprised me at how well you picked it up!

Another big thing is you can now count to 10 and you are starting to recognise colours. But this only works when it suits you! We have a little thing where we walk up the stairs and count them together which is how I get you to count!

You love your sister so much and you really do miss her when she is at school. I really think that play school is certainly what you need. You get so bored at home and I think being with other children and interacting with them will be just what you need.

You do not have a nap anymore {that went a long time ago!} So bedtime is a simple breeze for us, you are always normally asleep by the time the story is finished with, unless of course {like tonight} you daddy has got you all excited!

Your relationship with your sister has change so much in the last few months. Now you are interesting to her and she wants to play with you. Its lovely to watch and it makes me very proud indeed to have too loving children. {you both have your moments though!}

The next few months are going to see change, what with you starting play school and soon to be turning 3! It still feels like yesterday I carried you home from the hospital. Time has gone too quickly and its amazing to watch and see you grow.

You make me so proud to be you mummy.


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