I am back with my monthly Snapshots and Scenes. I’ll be honest, I am not feeling this months video. I think it’s because we have had a full month of sickness and not much getting out and about. So out of my video was filmed at home. Not very inspiring. I wanted to keep up with the linky so I put a quick video together.

Unlike December, January has been the slowest month, ever. It really has dragged and I was never aware of how slow January would pass us by, until now. Its funny, because, all though I like the slowness of the month, it feels like February has taken an age to arrive.

As I said, January has been full of sickness, and flu. H got hit pretty badly with the horrible flu virus and he spent the best part of a whole week in bed. Then G was unwell and then Mr B was ill. Its been a pretty boring month in terms of getting out and about. But now we are all better and are virus free, I plan to get out and enjoy the brisk cold air and the remaining of the winter months.

Its has been a month of pyjamas, book reading, lounging on the sofa, playing Lego Dimensions, building Lego, designing and making my new coffee table and drinking lots of tea!

Please do check out the video at the end of the post and please don’t forget to subscribe! I would love to build up my YouTube channel throughout 2018!











Snapshots and Scenes is a monthly linky showcasing our favorite photos or favorite clips. They can be put together in a short video. The clips you film but just leave sitting on your phone are perfect for this. Anyone can join in.. For more information pop on over to Jenny at letstalkmommy to find out more.



  1. February 7, 2018 / 12:28 am

    Yep, flu, bugs, sniffles… Sounds about right! So many people have been hit with the ‘mega lurgy’, haven’t they? This winter has been a killer. Come on Spring, will you hurry up!!! Off to check your video on your YouTube channel 🙂 Where did you get THAT phone by the way? It’s gorgeous!! Thanks for linking up again this month with #SnapshotsandScenes xx

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