OXO Compost Bin {Review}

A few weeks ago I was asked to review the OXO Compost Bin. I was sent a few OXO products a few months back and I really enjoyed testing them out, so I was really excited when I was contacted again to review the Bin.

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When we lived in our flat we were very hot on recycling, it wasn’t until Moo came along that we kind of stopped recycling. I found it quite unhygienic having a blue bag full of waste. with a small child crawling around! We still recycled large cardboard bits and paper, but food waste just didn’t happen.

Ever since moving into our house its become important for me to recycle. I can now recycle food waste properly with this great compost bin from OXO. It is a convenient size, so can sit in your cupboard or on your worktop. It has a flip lid {which is detachable, which makes its so much easier to pour out your food waste!} It has a handle which makes it easy to transport around. It doesn’t look like a compost bin, which is great if your having it on your work top! It is so easy to clean too, the interior walls are smooth and food rarely builds up, and the best thing is, its dishwasher safe!

This compost bin is ideal for us as a family, its not too big, and it holds quite a lot of waste {for a family of four} I tend to get rid every night, I have left it for two days without emptying and I was worried about the smell, but it didn’t kick up any foul scent!.

I have really enjoyed test driving this OXO compost bin, its definitely something that is going to become a firm fixture in our kitchen!

** I was sent this item for free as part of the review, all words and opinions are my own**


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