The Tea-Time Battle

As 5pm reaches I start to feel the normal dread that is the tea time battle. I actually hate tea time, purely because my children do not eat, they are the most fussy little people I know and I hate the struggle of force feeding them a dinner. I hate the fact that tea time always ends in an argument.

G has become a lot better at eating since starting school and making the most of the free school meals. She now eats a certain amount of veg and I can push to pasta or even a pie, she loves a roast dinner but the only form of potato she eats is the roast potato. She isn’t a mince kind of girl and will not go near a shepherds pie! I have been making a few casseroles {beef and sausage} which have been a hi but I do have to skin the sausages if we have them as she doesn’t like the skin.

H will not touch anything other than carrots, chicken nuggets and fish fingers. The struggle of trying to get him to eat something remotely different is painful.

Last week I made a pie and G wolfed it down and said she really enjoyed it. H took one look at it and refused to eat it. It resulted in a lot of tears and a ban of a yoghurt as the only thing he managed to eat were two table spoons of sweet corn!

I remember when I was little and I would not eat much, I can now feel my mums pain of trying to get me to eat. I remember my mum making a separate shepherds pie for me as I refused to eat onion and peas in the pie. I wouldn’t eat rice and anything that had any kind of flavour was off the menu for me! Being a child I didn’t realise how stressful this could of been for my mum. She had a hard enough job looking after us so to add a child who refused to eat anything must of been hard. I now know how she must of felt.  It’s stressful and I find it challenging at the best of times.

I’m hoping H has a little change of heart when he starts to eat school dinners, it’s what helped G and I’m sure once he tries these new tastes he will actually really like it. At the moment I can’t send him in yo h e a school dinner as I would just worry about him not eating. When he moves into year one I think that’s when I will start to talk to him about school dinners. It’s so hard. I have two very stubborn children when it comes to food!

How do you get round a fussy eater? Do you struggle with a child that doesn’t eat much? I would love to know how you cope and if you have any tips please do throw them my way!


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