Red Nose Day 2013…

Moo has had me hook line and sinker every time we have gone into Sainsbury’s. I bought 2 noses on my shopping a few weeks back and ever since then she is constantly going on about buying more.

She saw an advert and we didn’t have the one she had at home so when I was in Saisnbury’s yesterday she made me rummage through the huge pile of noses to find this particular one. I couldn’t find it, her face said it all and I could see her eye starting to well up, but all of a sudden hidden at the back I saw it, she became all too excited and then got a bit overwhelmed, all over a bloody nose!

I then came across the cups! Oh deary… And the air freshener for the car…¬†And then Moo saw some stickers, which actually look like they are jumping out on you, and she later declared that she didn’t like them, but its all for a good cause at the end of the day.

I am sure you have, but if you have not pop over to sainsbury’s and have a look at there fab bits online for red nose day and stock up on them!

I thought I would add the official Red Nose Day single to the post as well so whilst you read it you could listen!

Red Nose day is on 15th March.

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