This Bank Holiday…

Was perfect, the weather was the best we could of asked for after the long miserable winter. We started with Friday and me and the husband spent the day together just him and me, its very rarely done, everything we do is with the children. We went shopping, had some lunch and then did more shopping and it was so nice, to walk hand in hand around a shopping centre without having to push a pram, I did miss the children though!

Saturday was the worst of the weather, we had to pop back out as Moo needed some shoes so it was spent hunting for some sandals. We then spent the afternoon in watching films.

Sunday we spent the morning at the park, the weather was lovely and we made the most of it. We were there for a good few hours and again the afternoon was spent watching films.

Monday was quite possible the best day, we went to Hadleigh Castle, one of my favourite places in Essex (Ive posted about it before) and we just lounged on a picnic blanket all afternoon and watched the day go by. We had food and watched the children play. They went off with daddy and explored the castle ruins. The weather was lovely once the sun broke through the clouds. We bought a kite but had no joy in flying it as there was just not enough breeze, so we are hanging out for another day. It was a shame the day had to come to an end!

I love 3 day weekends, and I am lucky to have a husband that in the summer actually gets to have a 3 day weekend (not always 3 days in a row but occasionally it can happen but still he gets 3 days off!) So I am really looking forward to all the great outings we are going to have this year and the quality time we are going to get to spend as a family…



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