The Joys Of Bedtime…

Sometimes the husband has to work late, which means I do the bedtime routine on my own. When Thor was younger this was not a problem but now its become a challenge! As we are on one level, we tend to hear everything that goes on, and as they share a room it tends to get a bit messy!

Once they are in bed, they tend to, lets say, mess around for a good 40 minutes or so. Moo sometimes will teach Thor new words. We often here Moo say

Repeat after me… Mama… Dada… Baba… Thomas… Flopsy… Iggle Piggle… Pavement…

(yes she tends to go to the extreme!). We will then hear Thor repeat all words in his own little way. I love to listen to them but I do sometimes have to go in with my mummy hat on and say

Its bedtime! 

I also love to hear them giggle, all of a sudden I will hear both of them chuckle away about something, and I will sit and wonder what was said and what has made them laugh.

They will also ask for a book each to have in bed. Moo likes to read something before she goes to sleep (or look at the pictures) and Thor just likes to flick through a book, this I don’t have a problem with, but Thor has now mastered how to wriggle out of the bed and manoeuvre his way past the bed guard, which Moo finds funny and has great delight in telling me.

Muuuummmmmyyyyy, He is out of the bed

I already know this as I can hear his tiny little footsteps running up and down the hall and when I open the door there he is holding his favourite bear letting out a little giggle thinking it the funniest thing in the world! I escort him back to bed and its all over with. They both give in and chat for a little while and then off they go to sleep.

Bedtime routines are always such a battle, they take so long, and now the spring evenings have kicked in they think its not bedtime, I really believe thats why they have been battling to stay awake, waiting for it to get dark! They feel like they are missing out on something…



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