Moments Like These…

I dont Like! After my amazing day on saturday I came home to a poorly Moo, she was burning up and it only really got worse.

It was like having a new born again. Waking every 3 hours to cries of her saying she was feeling unwell for her to be sick and trying to settle her back down. The 3 hours stretch in between was not exactly a straight through sleep either as she has a terrible cough so the poor lamb was coughing a lot so she didn’t get much sleep either!

Yesterday I was battling a temperature with her, that would not reduce. I truthfully couldn’t wait for bedtime as I was so tired from my previous day’s antics round London and the nights interference didn’t help. Moo persisted on staying awake ALL day with bouts of laying on the sofa under a duvet which gave me some respite but the temperature was still niggling me and I was still struggling to bring it down.

She refused to eat anything and actually asked to go to bed at 6┬░clock! which is unlike her, normally she refuses bedtime! just before I carried her she did ask if she could have one episode of Sarah and Duck, how could I refuse her? So I put one on and by a couple of seconds in she was snoring on the sofa.

We decided that I would book an appointment at the doctor’s if she was still the same in the morning. Thankfully I went in when I woke (she had a nice lay in – 7am! which is better than the 6am wake up call I have been getting!) Her temp had come right down, still a little high, I only had to go in 2 times to see her last night one was the dark and the second the husband was called in as she dropped her flopsy bear!

But she looks so much better, she is currently happy playing with her play-doh which is a good sign as she has not played with hardly anything over the last few days! I will see how she goes today and will book her in tonight if she seems to go downhill from now till then, but I am hoping she is picking up.

I am quite certain she has had a flu bug, yesterday she had the chills and was so cold but had the highest temperature she has ever had, I am just glad she seems to be on the mend!




  1. April 8, 2013 / 7:33 am

    Oh bless her. It really sucks when your bubbas are poorly. It makes you feel so helpless. I hope she’s all better soon. x

    • April 8, 2013 / 7:35 am

      Oh thanks, its been a stressful few days to say the least! A cold or a bug I can deal with, but a raging temperature is something else! She has never been this bad before. x

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