Induction Into Big School #2

The school H will be attending has set up four induction settings. H has already been to one and you can read it here. I was really surprised at how well it went and although I was really nervous about how he would do, I was pleasantly surprised when he just left me and walked off and left me sitting in the hall.

The second induction didn’t go as well as the first. This session was a teddy bears picnic. It was held on the playing field and I was able to stay with him. They had set up lots of activities to do and had provided a small bag of goodies for them to eat. It was quite disappointing when H would not actually leave me alone. He sat with me the whole time and although I tried to coax him into playing he would not have any of it. I think at one point he may have fallen asleep on me! I did manage to get him to run around the field but that was about it!

I got the feeling he wasn’t actually loving this induction. It came down to the fact that it was outside and not actually in the classroom setting, which is quite a possibility. He didn’t eat much and he wouldn’t help tidy up {although that is nothing new!}

When things don’t go to plan and especially when the first induction went so well, it makes me panic, it makes me worry, how will he actually cope at school? It makes me nervous and I worry that he will not be ok, going to school.

We have another two inductions left, one is a 1:1 with his teacher and then the final session is when he goes in and I leave him there, which is the one I am not looking forward too, even though I leave him at play-school, this is different. This is big school, and I worry he just will not cope. I am thinking positive thoughts and I really do hope H embraces it and comes out from his last session wanting to go, looking forward to going and chatting about how much fun he had!


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