End Of An Era…

Moo…. tomorrow you finish play-school, tomorrow you leave the comfort of the place where you have enjoyed making new friends and have learnt new things, tomorrow your life will change. No longer a little girl that does 3 hour sessions but a little girl that will learn all about new things at big school.

This is so new to me, and also for you. I am amazed at the little girl that stands before me. A beautiful 4 year old who I know will thrive at school and will enjoy every single moment. I am still so shocked at how quickly all this has just sprung up on us all. I know you need school, you get so bored at home and I know you want to learn knew things. You are such a clever, intelligent little girl and you blow me away with some of the things you do and say, and thats why I know you are going to do well. From the day you were able to speak, from your first words till the conversations we have now, I love you little ways, and I cannot wait to see these develop now you are going to school.

Tomorrow you will say goodbye to your teachers one last time and wave goodbye to your friends till september. Tomorrow there will be plenty of tears and reminiscing of the last 3 years.

Before we start school we have a fabulous six weeks to spend together, we shall make the most of this, as Ive loved the short three hour days you have had at play school, when you start school in September I am going to miss you like crazy and the tears are no doubt going to make an appearance again!

♥ Mummy Heart’s You ♥


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