Boys And Their Toys…

When I found out I was having a boy, the husband rubbed his hand together with delight at all the great boys toys we would be able to buy.

Thor is now starting to love certain things, planes and helicopters for one! and when we are out and about, if he see’s them in the sky he will point up and say

Look, mummy, pane…

As well as the husband I am sure Thor and Moo would love to get their mitts on these Remote Control Helicopters, (loads are available from Hawkins Bazaar). Nothing would be more perfect than a picnic in the park on a nice hot summers day and an afternoon in flying one of these around!

If your a novice at flying these remote control helicopters, and you manage to get your mitts on one, then you should read up on how to fly your helicopter, here

Remember, this would make a perfect fun fathers day gift, which of course is on June 16th! There is a gadgets for men section on the Hawkins site that’s perfect for father’s day.

 ♥ Mummy Heart’s You ♥

*This post was bought to you by Hawkin’s Bazaar*


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