2014 Review…

2014 was a good year for our little family so much happened and I managed to document it all on this little blog of mine… Ive have written a little review of our 2014


We started 2014 with a 5 week run of chicken pox! Moo had her outbreak bang on the 1st of January. She couldn’t of timed it better, with an extra week of school! Once Moo had recovered, H came down with it and although not as bad as Moo it was still a pretty harsh bout of the pox!

I carried on my link up with The Ordinary Moments and the new weekly blog hop of Living Arrows.. I was determined to take a photo and post every week {I slacked towards the end!}


I completed my crochet project for my very gorgeous nephew.. It was the first thing I had ever completed, I am on my way to completing my second project!!

Me and Mr B went for a date day at the London Eye.. Was such a wonderful experience and was so nice to spend time on our own as a couple! We tied it in with our 7th wedding anniversary.

We put our little flat on the market and sold within a few weeks too!


March was a quiet month, stressful with house move stuff but generally quiet. I was on track with my Living Arrows project though!


H started pre-school and loved it.. Moo pushed me to my limits in what she was doing and I found motherhood a struggle. The house move was becoming tedious and all the more stressful. Being let down as the days went by.

I started running, and was loving it, but it was soon to be the end of me, my knees gave way and I suffered terribly for weeks, being put on medication to help me along the way.

My lovely gorgeous nephew was born! One of the most amazing things to happen this year for my sister! I am still that very proud auntie.


We celebrated my father in-laws 60th birthday with a fancy dress party! It was superhero themed and was such a fun time.

For me blogging dwindled throughout may, the stress of the house move was getting to me and Mr B, it was taking longer that we thought and we were starting to give up hope that we would ever get out of the flat.


H turned 3!

The weather started to become lovely and warm and lazy days spent at the park and out for picnics were happening.

Moo started Rainbows and took part in her very first sports day.


I turned 31!! and was taken to the ice-bar and had the most amazing curry all courtesy of my best friend {not my husband!}

The stresses of being a mummy took hold and again I was struggling to cope with a persistent 5 year old..

We took H and Moo for a Day Out With Thomas, and H was the most excited child there! He was so adorable and every time I watch a video of his little face when Thomas, Annie and Clarabel arrive in the station my heart swells.

Moo and some school friends were lucky enough to visit London for the day and watch Frozen The Sing Along.. We also had a posh tea at the hilton! Definitely a day to remember..

Moo finished her first year at school and made me so proud with her end of year report!

Our flat sale fell through, luckily we sold within a day, but the hope to be in by the summer was not to be..

I started my second crochet project, a ripple blanket and although not completed its coming along nicely!


On the 2nd of AugustĀ I blogged about how deflated I felt about our house move. We had been let down so many times and this was the last straw.. We were finally at the stage of exchanging after a long 7 months. We were let down again by our solicitor and had to wait a whole weekend for more news.. We finally heard on the 6th of August we had exchanged, for real. We moved that Friday, 2 days later! It was a stressful few days as Mr B refused to pack up so with emergency childcare taken care of we packed up our two bed flat in just over a day! Organised removals and finally handed over the keys. It was a good month!


With both Moo and H back at school and pre-school, Mr B could concentrate on the garden makeover {thanks to his fantastic summer shifts!} It was a hard slog and we pulled in some help from the in-laws but we started and it was going to be hard work for the next few months!

I was still on track with my Living Arrows but it was soon to be over as I just gave up, I am determined to try harder this year!

We decided to throw Moo a birthday and invite all 15 girls in her class around to have a little Frozen themed disco!


Mr B turned 32!

October was a hard month, for me anyway.. The school run become harder and I struggled, but it got easier..

The end of October saw us complete the garden and thanks to the generous weather both Moo and H managed to get some time in it!

Moo was soon to be six and had compiled a birthday wish list, which consisted mainly of Frozen goodies!

We made the decision to split both Moo and H up bedroom wise, which didn’t go too well and still we are having problems with H sleeping

Moo started swimming


Moo turned six!

We got the news that Moo would have to have an operation on her ears and after a few stressful days and cancellations she finally had it done on the 23rd December!

We are still struggling with H and his sleeping, having midnight walkabouts and unwanted guests in the bed!

Moo’s birthday was a success and she had a wonderful time.


Moo had her operation and although she has a slight earache I am hoping she will be able to hear much better! {and not be so loud!!}

I took part in blog every day throughout December and bar one day I managed it!

Moo was amazing in her school production, even if it was a tiny part she still did good!

December saw us have the most amazing Christmas so far..

Its been an amazing year and moving has definitely topped it.. This time last year we were all poxed up and thinking about moving, never in a million years would I have believed that I would be sat here, in our house, blogging. I am definitely thankful for a hell of a lot at the moment!



  1. January 1, 2015 / 3:35 pm

    It sounds like you have had a lovely year- hoping 2015 brings you the same! Happy New Year to you and your family. x

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