Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

We are well and truly back into the routine of school. I really have not missed all the rushing about, the over-tired children and the homework! Its been a manic week, with illnesses thrown in for good measures, but I have been loving lots of things this week, so without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


With it being the first few weeks at school I have had endless amounts of newsletter, dates for the diary, and general information coming home in G and H’s book bags. Its been a huge influx of letters so I have been making sure I take all the information in and write it down!

I am still reading The Unmusy Mum, Still bloody great!


To be honest this section is similar to last week. Our Girl, Tattoo Fixers on Holiday, The Night Of {which is so good you must watch!} Bake Off and I finally caught up with MIC!

I also saw this rather amusing clip of Tom Hanks and Ellen. Its basically a Pixar-Off  between Woody and Dory! I can’t believe there is going to be another Toy Story either!



First off, I have not loved this bit of news, I am sure everyone has heard about the Bake Off news? If not were have you been hiding? At first I wasn’t that bothered about it but I got annoyed when Sue and Mel said they were no longer going to be presenters.. Bake Off will never, ever be the same!

I am loving this version of Don’t You Want Me.. It was used in series 10 of Greys Anatomy, which is back in a few short weeks!


I wore a gorgeous new nail varnish this week. I must of thrown it in the draw when I bought it and forgot about it. I tend to like the dark colours and this is perfect for going into autumn {if it ever arrives!} Its Rimmel and code 193 – Black Cherries.
I also got my playsuits back out this week as its been so hot. 34° hot! Its been unbelievable and not really temperatures I like. Its uncomfortable and the nights are just so humid its actually hard to sleep! I am willing for the cooler days!


I cannot take any credit for this next bit. A friend gave me some banana bread the other day and its was lush. I had it as a post school run treat with a cup of tea. I have never really attempted to bake a banana bread, but definitely going to give it a go now!

I also made the decision I need to do something health and fitness wise. I feel so sluggish at the moment so next week I am going to try and get out for a run, the weather is supposed to be cooler so I will be more inclined to go out!

I made a curry this week {on the hottest day of the year too!} Its funny as 4 years ago you would not have got me eating one. I would basically turn my nose up at the smell and refuse to try it. Now I am making my own one every week! Making up for lost time!


‘And lastly..’

We have a few things planned this weekend, nothing exciting but the main thing we need to do is get started on G and H’s homework! Now G is in juniors it seems to have notched up a gear! We have a few weeks to get it done, so I want to at least start it as I always have a tendency to leave it to the last minute!

You may of noticed I have had a little freshen up! I spent the best part of last weekend screaming at the computer as it just wasn’t going my way, I like to do it all myself and I was getting so frustrated with the layout. I am happy with the way it looks now! I do like to have a little change around every now and then!

Have a lovely weekend!

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