Wooly Hats, Blankets, Flamingos | Little Love 9/52

Wooly Hats, Blankets, Flamingos | Little Love 9/52

What a week! The first week back at school and already I am pining for the Easter holidays! The cold weather has really set in and I really do not love de-icing the car in the morning! Here is what I have been loving this week!


I have ploughed through Bloglovin this week and I love a good makeover blog post. I have been waiting for Katie’s {mummydaddyme} extension post to pop up since it was finished, and what an extension, so clean and fresh! If you have not checked it out you can read it here


Lets just talk about the Walking Dead for a minute shall we.. I am still in a little shock over the fact the Rick and Michonne got in on! I actually love the idea of them starting a thing and I do hope they play it out.. Michonne is so much better than that mum who unfortunately lost it to a zombie last week!

We are ploughing our way through Sons of Anarchy and I am so glad I decided to carry on with it as I was tempted to give up on it.

I have two programmes on my planner I am looking forward to watching One Child {BBC} and The Night Manager {BBC} I just need to find five minutes to watch them!


I have heard this sings lots this week and at first I really wasn’t a fan, but it has grown on me and now I find myself listening to all the time.


I now own my own wooly hat. I saw one yesterday and Mr B said it really suited me. It will come in handy for those chilly icy mornings that have been setting in.

I also spent a small fortune on some new underwear. Why does it cost so much? It was very much needed and hopefully I won’t need to buy anymore anytime soon!


I have made stern progress on my blanket. I have finished one block of colour and started the second block and I am loving the colours. I have been hooking every night this week and also in the car when I am waiting to pick G and H up..


‘And lastly..’

Last week I saw on Facebook {mummydaddyme} a lovely Flamingo glass, now I have a huge obsession with flamingos, I have no idea where it has come from, but last year I bought a filofax and the cover was flamingos and ever since then anything with a flamingo print I have to have. So I was on to Katie like a hot rocket and I was rather chuffed when she said they were from IKEA. Off I went and for a bargain price of 50p I just had to get them! {I believe our lovely host Morgana may have them too!}




Have a lovely week!

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