Its F R I Y A Y which only means one thing and thats a LittleLove round up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. I cannot believe this is the last Little Loves of 2016! This is the only link-up I have been constant with and I cant believe we are at the end of another year of sharing our Little Loves. Its been a wonderful year and I have found some truly wonderful blogs along the way.

Let me start off with, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am currently still in a food coma from all the eating I have been doing and every time I walk into the kitchen I see chocolates, biscuits, mince pies, christmas cake and anything else we still have left over. I have literally just finished a four hour clean up of it –  when I say clean up, I mean a proper good sort out and a blinking good clean { I may of also stretched to cleaning the windows!} It looks and smells fresh as a daisy now and I am now a happy mummy {considering I spend most of my time in it!}

I have been loving lots of things this week though, so without too much waffling here is this weeks #LittleLove


Lets skip this bit..


The Crown. I am gutted I have finished the first season and I am so excited for the second {when ever that will be} I absolutely loved it. If you have not watched it the do, I hung out as I wasn’t sure, but it really was so good. So Little Lovers, I need ideas for what to watch now! Let me know in the comments below!

Is anyone watching The Affair? The first two seasons I was hooked on and really enjoyed them. I am struggling a little with season 3 though. I am wondering how long it can actually go on for.

Can I just put it out there, I am really missing all those Vlogmas videos. I have to admit, I loved watching all my favourites throughout December. They all did so will to be consistent with it and they were really fun to watch too!


What an awful week for news. I was generally devastated about the death of George Micheal. I was a huge fan of his earlier solo music {and wham} and I was so shocked to read the news on Boxing Day.

Today I woke to the news that Debbie Reynolds had also passed, a day after her daughter Carrie Fisher. How truly upsetting, it was really like she couldn’t carry on without her and just gave up. Such a sad story to wake too.

On another note, more upbeat note, I very rarely listen to the radio anymore. Its a shame as I used to love having it on when I was at work. Its mainly because I don’t have one at home and G and H dominate the TV so I cant play it through that. On Monday I made a cheeky purchase of a new DAB Radio and I am patiently excitedly waiting in for the delivery. I have wanted one for ages and I love the Emma Bridgewater design so I treated myself with some Christmas money I received from Mr B’s nan.



I wore my Flamingo Christmas jumper with pride on Sunday {I also wore it on Boxing Day} When we arrived home on Monday I got straight into my pyjamas and to be honest I have not got out of them. Its been so nice to have some really lazy days, catching up on little bits around the house and letting G and H play with all there new toys.

I also got a new dressing gown, I say new I have never had one throughout my adult life and I feel I have missed out on a lot as its the most comfiest, snuggliest item I have ever worn and thats another reason why I have not got dressed as I don’t want to take it off! {I particularly like the fact it has ears too!}

I aslo got some gorgeous flamingo earrings from my mum and her partner and I love them. I tried taking a picture but the angle was all wrong and my double chin was taking up far to much of the shot so I decided not to share, but I will try and get one up on Instagram.


Both G and H received several lego sets for Christmas. G wanted the Lego Friends Horse Riding School and she also got Lego Friends The Grand Hotel. On Tuesday G spent all morning building the riding school and surprisingly she did really well, with little help from me she completed it within a few hours. She decided the hotel was far too big so on Wednesday I took to the kitchen and built it {along with a prison set that H had got} It took 6 hours in total to build both sets. At one point it felt as though I was drowning in Lego pieces! I did manage to binge watch The Crown so that made it slightly easier.

And lastly..

This Christmas I asked my mum and her partner for a Lightbox. I have seen Instagram full of them recently and I really wanted to get in on the action. My wish came true and I now have a mint lightbox in my kitchen. I love it and I am constantly looking at quotes on Pinterest and trying to come up with my own {lets see how that goes!} I decided to pop it in my kitchen along with my radio.

One more…

Its been so lovely to have some downtime from the blog. I am not a blogger that blogs loads, I am not consistent and I really do want to change that. The break has been lovely and hopefully I will be refreshed come January.

I am linking up with the ever so lovely Morgana over at her new blog Coffee Work Sleep Repeat  for this linky,

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