Wool, Wool, Wool, Galore….

As I am new to crochet, its going to be difficult to build up my wool stock. I always knew at first I would have to buy a fair amount to get me started on little projects.

This week saw my final class and before I left I treated myself to some wool, some may say too much, but I dare say I will find some use for it some time in the near future!

I was not to sure what colours to pick so I just picked a few balls of each colour I liked, just to build up a stock, so I can go to it and pull out a ball of my fancy when I like . I have a few little projects in the pipeline but my first project is the biggest and I am so pleased already at the outcome of how its coming along (another post!)

My next big spend up will more than likely be with some birthday money, its not something I can just go out and get all the time! But I am sure this will tide me over for some time…


Crochet Diary

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