A Late Delivery From The Postman

Christmas I asked for a book, it was to teach me crochet. The book was in fact out of stock, up till now! and this week the postman finally delivered this book!


So there I was, hooks out, wool ready, book open. Chain completed… ready to do some stitches… Hmmmmmm. It just was not working for me. I came to the conclusion it was the wool, I thought the wool I was using was too delicate for practicing with and I was ruining it by constantly unpicking it all the time. Its nice wool and I would rather save it for something I would make.

So I searched online for a local sewing shop and found one near where my in laws lived, I was visiting them on Friday so I thought I could pop in, I called them and asked them a few questions and they were actually closer than I thought, right at the end of their road! On the phone she happened to mention a beginners 6 week course, it was very tempting! but I had childcare to think of!

I popped in to the shop yesterday and after speaking to my mum the previous day we agreed that I would do 2 of the classes to see how I would get on! (rather excited) I start on Tuesday. I bought two balls of wool and some rather lovely looking scissors (I am all for the accessories!) I got back to my in laws and I actually managed to do a double crochet stitch! I was rather impressed with ones self! I am putting the kiddo’s to bed tonight and I am going to practise some more! (after I have watched this weeks Walking Dead of course!)

 ♥ Cherry Blossom Rain 


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