What We Loved | March

I shamefully forgot to post up last month all the things we loved about February! I forgot to schedule it in and by the time I realised we were halfway through March! I am going to try and remember {I have now added it to my diary of blogging duties!}

This month has literally flown by. The school term went so quickly and I was thankful for the Easter break. Before we broke up we had both G and H’s parents evening and both are doing really well. Both teachers had lovely things to say about them and I tend to get a little chocked when anyone says nice things! G has come along way and H has really settled into school life. I couldn’t be more proud of them. They really try their best at anything they try and watching them learn new things daily is definitely a perk of being a mummy.

G has not only improved at school she has also improved with her swimming and she has now moved up a level and the swimming teacher had nothing but praise for her. I knew she was doing well but to hear it from a professional is always a lovely thing! It makes the 30 minute journey worth it!

We finally got some quotes for our house re-wire and as of next month work will be taking place. Its the start of making our house our home and although it going to take some time the fact we are starting makes it a little more exciting! I am not looking forward to the mess though!

I woke to an amazing tweet to say I was nominated in the MAD blog awards! How amazing! I actually don’t think I will get any further than the first lot of nominations, but the fact someone has nominated me means the world to me. I take pride in this blog, I get offended when something bad is said about it, so the recognition that I am doing well has left a big smile on face!

We finished March in Centre Parcs. We booked it last year and the whole family {Mr B’s side} packed up our cars and spent a whole week in Elvedon. Apart from the sickness that we bought with us, we had an amazing time and it was definitely work the 8 month wait!

The best thing about March ending is we go into April on Mr B summer shifts, they slowly reduce in hours and he is down to a four day week!

I did wonder if this would be a perfect link-up of what other bloggers loved about March. If you can see yourself writing up a monthly post of What You Loved then do let me know and I can make it a regular thing where you can link up your post!


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