This month has been full of Loves. We have achieved quite a lot. I say it every month, but how quickly did April fly by? It only seemed like yesterday I was typing up a “What We Loved, March edition! with out too much waffling, this is what we loved about April

Mr B Loved

* The return of Game Of Thrones

* The chance to finally get out in the garden and give it a well deserved tidy up

* The release of Star Wars on DVD

* His grand plans for a water feature in the garden

* The prospect of saving money by subscribing to NOWtv

Mummy Loved

* Sunny days

* Booking H’s birthday party

* Watching G progress with her swimming

* Finally coming to the end of the house re-wire

* The final episode of Line Of Duty

* Spending time crocheting her chevron blanket

G Loved

* The Start of gymnastics at school club

* New found love of meatballs and pasta

* Jumping and swimming from the deep end

* Sleep overs at nanny and grandads

* Scooting to school

* Pancakes for breakfast

H LovedĀ 

* All 3 paw patrol seasons on NOWtv

* Daddy finally getting round to fixing his hot wheels track

* Lego Minifigures

* Being able to get out in the garden

* Lazy weekends

* Having his own bedroom

What have you loved this month? I have opened it up so you can link up if you want too, so feel free to add yours!


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