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Over the past mont, I have watched quite a bit of TV. As part of my 2019  goals, I wanted to blog once a month what I have watched and what I would recommend. Its been a good month for TV and I have enjoyed quite a bit. So here is a round-up of some of the things I have been watching this month.

Manhunt (ITV)

This was a really good watch. I forgot to set it up for record and James mentioned he watched it. I bought up with the first episode and then we finished it together.

Manhunt is a 2019 British television drama based on the true story surrounding the initial investigation into the death of French student Amélie Delagrange. The subsequent manhunt eventually led to the arrest of Levi Bellfield for Amélie’s murder, and several other high profile, yet previously unsolved cases

As the investigation continued, Bellfield became the chief suspect for unsolved cases involving other young women who had been violently assaulted and killed, including Milly Dowler.

I would really recommend you watch if it you have not already.

Dumplin (Netflix)

This was a really good watch. I think I had a spare few hours one Saturday while Gracie and Henry were occupied with Christmas presents.

Willowdean (‘Dumplin’), the plus-size teenage daughter of a former beauty queen, signs up for her mom’s Miss Teen Bluebonnet pageant as a protest that escalates when other contestants follow her footsteps, revolutionising the pageant and their small Texas town.

Its funny and up-lifting. I really enjoyed it.

Mrs Wilson (BBC)

I was so late to this drama. I ended up catching up on iPlayer over two nights. It was really very good. Its amazing how anyone gets away with leading multiple lives. Ruth Wilson is extraordinary throughout. She is such a fantastic actress.

In 1963, Alison Wilson’s happy home life is shattered upon the death of her husband, novelist and former MI6 officer Alexander “Alec” Wilson. Everything she knew about her husband of 22 years quickly unravels when she discovers she is not the only Mrs Wilson. She tries to shield her two sons as she reconciles her marriage with her husband’s activities as a foreign intelligence officer.

Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this over the christmas holidays. I didn’t really know what to think about it, but I am really enjoying it. Its typical teen drama, but one I seems to have fallen down a big black hole for. I am currently still on season one and I am intrigued to know who A is!

Set in the suburban town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, the series follows the lives of five high school girls: Spencer Hastings, Alison DiLaurentis, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields, whose clique falls apart after the leader of the group, Alison, goes missing.

One year later, the remaining estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious villain named A. They threaten and torture them for the mistakes they have made before and after Alison’s death. At first, they think it is Alison herself, but after her body is found, the girls come to a realization that it is someone else who is sending threatening messages to them.


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