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Ok, so I have been so very slack on this for the past few months. I wanted to post last month, but I just didn’t have the time, so I am going to do a bumper edition of what I have been watching.  I really hope you get some inspiration on some good TV to watch. If you have any recommendations then please do leave them in the comments below as I am always on the lookout for new programmes to watch! So without too much waffling, this is what I have been watching this month (give or take)!

This was gripping form the start and had me hooked from the first 5 minutes. It was so intriguing had me guessing till the end and had so many twist and turns. Its currently on Netflix and its something I would definiltley recommend you watch if you have not done so already. Its only eight episodes, so a very quick binge watch!

Widowed surgeon Tom has struggled to raise his two daughters alone following his wife’s death a year ago. Things seem to be on the right track for the family, who live in a gated community, because they have close friends nearby and Tom is in the early stages of a new relationship. But the situation takes a turn for the worse when Jenny, Tom’s oldest daughter, goes missing along with her boyfriend. Tom enlists girlfriend Sophie, a police detective, to help locate the teens, but her new partner is working her own agenda. As the investigation intensifies, Tom unearths dark secrets about the people closest to him in his affluent neighborhood.

The drama series was created by mystery novelist Harlan Coben. Another TV adaptions of his book was The Five, which first aired on SKY. If you can somehow get hold of it and watch that, then that is always a very good watch.

I have mentioned Suits quite a few times over the last few months. I am now fully up-to date and am eager fro season eight to satrt. Im pretty gutted about Megan Markle and Patrick J Adams departing, but you know her new job is much more important these days!

In need of an associate, big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter hires the only guy who impresses him — college dropout Mike Ross. The fact that Ross isn’t actually a lawyer isn’t lost on Specter, who believes his new right-hand man is a legal prodigy with the book smarts of a Harvard law grad and the street smarts of a hustler. However, in order to keep their jobs, the charade must remain strictly between these two unconventional thinkers.

I didn’t start this series, until my mum and her partner told me I must watch it. I think I watched all four episodes in a day. It had me wanting more after each episode, so I decided to curb that feeling I juts needed to watch them all. I managed to work out in episode three what the outcome was. It was definitely a really good watch. Unfortunately its now unavailable on the ITV player, I would keep an eye out on its sisters channels though as I would recommend you watch it!

I cannot do this post, without mentioning the thing that is literally taking over so many peoples lives. I started watching this series last year and I was hooked. I’m only watchinh it because I was interested to see if people could actually find love. It proved to me that it can work. Quite a few that took part last year have gone on to get married. One pair has even had a baby. This year, its a bit crazy, a bit out of my comfort zone. I cant help but watch and join in with the general public airing their opinions of the snakes in the villa. Its been pretty brutal, not just by the boys, but the girls have started to turn! Are you watching Love Island? Have you been sucked in to the 9pm schedule?


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