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What a week, its been pretty full on and I was so pleased to see Friday roll around so I could relax. Its been nothing out of the ordinary just busy with mum life, work life and school. Gracie and Henry went back after a really lovely week off. I always say how nice routine is and how much I love it. Its nice to not have it and have a break but its always welcomed back. Here are a few things that have stood out as a favourite of mine this week.

Good News

I’ve not done a specific health update on here in quite sometime. I think I have just shut my mind off to it all. I’m still under the hospital and see the consultants every six months which comes round really quickly. I went this week for a skin check up and I was told that I just have 17 more months under the hospital till they can give me the all clear. Its a long time coming and news I was desperately waiting for. I hate the build up for the check ups, but I have become to rely on them so much. I am excited to be free again, but still a little nervous. For now though I am just happy that I can see a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

Shine Walk

Off the back of the above news, I decided there was no better time than to sign up for the Cancer Research shine walk. I have wanted to take part for a few years but just never had the motivation to do it. This year was the year. I started off training well in January, but the cold weather and an unfortunate accident that my friend had, training halted. We are back and raring to go. I have officially signed up and we take part in September. All donations are going to Skin Cancer, obviously something that’s very close to my heart and extremely important to me.

Proud Moments

This week saw me watch Gracie in the final of the school talent show. She had worked so hard with her friend and I was so so nervous for her. She did so well, she was so worried she wouldn’t be able to actually do it. But she did. She did me proud. She really really lacks confidence and for her to get up and dance in front of strangers, teachers, pupils and parents was a massive thing for her. I watched in awe and I was blown away. She smashed it and all the hard work paid off, she came second in the whole competition. Which is bloody amazing!


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