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This week has been pretty full on. I had a lot of running around to do and it seemed like it went on for forever. To be honest I was pretty happy when Friday decided to show up. Its been a mixture of good and bad and I am happy to see the back of week three. I did however enjoy some bits so without too much waffling here are a few of my favourites this week.

Vet Visits

This week saw something happen which I have been waiting for, for months. Fleur finally went in and had her spay operation. I must admit, I was not entirely looking forward to it but the end result means we don’t have to deal with any more seasons, which makes me a very happy dog mummy. Its been pretty smooth sailing since she came home and although she is getting very frustrated with the cone of shame she is coping well. I am just happy that in 6 months time I know I won’t be dealing with a a dog thats in her heat!

Upgrade Day

Its always a good day when its phone upgrade day. Feels like I had my iPhone 7 for years and years. I had been shopping around for some time and decided that I would stick with what I love, but just a better version. I managed to get a good deal and am now a proud owner of the iPhone X. Let me tell you as phones go its bloody beautiful and I am loving the design and feel of it all. Gracie was mega excited as she finally got my old phone. We have not allowed her to have a SIM card just yet as she really doesn’t need one. She is excited all the same!

Hospital Visits

I had a check up this week. Last year I was moved to 6 monthly checks as part of the 5 year plan I am on. I was petrified when they told me I was able to go longer without seeing someone. Its been a good six months though and I have not really panicked that much. I away have the melanoma nurse at the end of the phone if I need her. The appointment {which was a plastics appointment} went well, my scars were checked and there was nothing to worry about. I was a bit concerned I had a lump grow under my armpit but I was assured it was all fine and nothing to worry about. I am back in March for the skin cancer specialist, but again thats just routine now.

Fresh Flowers

When you have had a pretty bad week there is nothing nicer coming home to fresh flowers. Now my kitchen is complete I make sure I get a bouquet of something nice on my shopping weekly. I keep telling myself I need them for the centre piece for the table. It looks pretty sparse otherwise. All the same who doesn’t like fresh flowers?


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