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I am back for another week of weekly favourites. Its been a better week than previous weeks. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic so it was nice to have a more chilled and relaxed few days. Although still pretty busy, its not been as busy as past weeks. We are now in full half term mode and I could be happier. Here are a few things that have stood out as a favourite of mine this week.

Talent Competitions

Since November Gracie has been talking about a school talent show. She managed to rope in a friend to do it with her. I will admit, from the off set I really didn’t think anything would come from it. But January came and so did the confirmation of the talent show. Gracie was adamant she still wanted to take part, so I let her.

There are three rounds, first was performing in front of her class and them voting. She managed to get through that stage. The next stage was in front of the whole school and teachers, this was the one I thought she would buckle at but she didn’t. She got upset but she still went ahead and she smashed it and has found herself in the final!

I am so so proud of her, she fought through a huge confidence barrier and showed herself that she can do whatever she puts her mind too. She made up the routine herself with her friend. Has no dancing background, she just loves to do it. The final is in a few weeks!

Date Nights

We do not celebrate Valentines day. When James and I started dating, we bought each other gifts but it soon stopped when we were together a few years. I find it really commercialised and I can think of better things to spend my money on. That being said, we had a little date night this week. Not on Valentines though! We ordered a curry and I bought A Star is Born and we sat down and watched it together. It was really lovely evening and sometimes its nice to take some time away and spend time together. We should do it more often.

Half Term

As I said earlier, it is now half term. I have a whole week of with the children and I couldn’t be happier. Work has been pretty hectic and its nice to have some time away. I know it will be super busy when I get back but I am embracing the week away with open arms! We don’t have loads planned, a few days out and seeing family that we haven’t seen since Christmas! Now I am working its hard to meet up. I am so looking forward to the slower pace days. Gracie and Henry both needed a break from school. The first half back after Christmas seemed to drag!



  1. February 17, 2019 / 2:46 pm

    You must be so proud of Gracie. What a little star bless her! I loved A Star is Born, such a great film. I think I’m looking forward to half term more than the kids! Hope you have a good one x

    • mummyheartsyou
      February 17, 2019 / 2:55 pm

      Very proud, she did so well, she won’t perform for me so not yet seen it! Looking forward to the final so I can watch her!! Have a lovely half term!

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