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Not quite sure how I managed to get through this week. Its was pretty full on and not only busy for me but the children too. Week four saw us finally see the end of January and welcome February. I wont lie, January was literally the longest month, and the coldest. Its been bitterly cold this week. I did however have some favourites this week so without too much waffling here are a few of my favourites this week.


Gracie and Henry joined the choir at school last year. It meant they could take part in signing at Christmas markets, hospitals and other events in the local community. It was all a build up to the main event which was to take part in a concert with lots of other schools at the O2 in London. This happened on Monday and I was literally blown away. It was amazing and hearing all the children sing was just wonderful. It was a very late night, we didn’t get back till nearly 11. We have all been catching up on sleep for the rest of the week!


Wednesday saw me back in London for a work conference. It was held at Parliament. It was a pretty long day, starting early and joining all the London workers in rush hour. Which was not entirely my favourite part of the day if I am honest. I don’t do well in crowded spaces and the Jubilee Line was not exactly the finest of places to be stood. The day was a success though and the company I work for announced some pretty amazing news which will see it grow into something pretty good. Another late night but it was worth it. Parliament is pretty spectacular.


I was then first person to be shouting “I don’t want snow” but come Friday I was like “bring it on” I will admit, now I am working I really can’t be taking snow days off! So I was really hoping and praying the school wouldn’t call a snow day. Friday I went to bed with a pretty heavy snow storm falling so I ws excited to wake up on Saturday to a lovely blanket of snow, did that happen? No! It obviously didn’t come down as much as was predicted. I have to admit, seeing all the snow day pictures on Instagram have made me a little envious!


As a women its really really important to go for you Cervical Screening test. I went last year, and for some reason it couldn’t get done {I had a cervix that had apparently gone walk about} So I went back month after month to try again to no avail. Last week my Cervix decided to walk back and I finally managed to get the screening done. I was talking to the Nurse and she was really shocked that I persisted with it. She told me that there are some patients that go and they can’t complete it and they never go back. I can’t stress enough how important it is to go for your screenings. I am just glad I don’t have to go back next month!



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