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What a week! Its been the longest week, I was so glad to see Friday. Work has been super busy and with a new big client on the cards, I have been super busy and barely had time to stop and think. I did however have some favourites this week so without too much waffling here are a few of my favourites this week.

oversized jumpers

Last weekend, I may of slightly indulged in buying a few new jumpers. I am currently loving the oversized feel and although I may not get away with it, I still very much like the look. So I picked up 2. One from New Look and the other from Next. I absolutely love the New Look jumper. Its so cosy and definitely my favourite purchase out of all the jumpers I got. The next one is a lovely mustard colour, which is gorgeous. If you follow me on Instagram I have a few pictures of me modelling the New Look jumper.


Henry goes swimming twice weekly. Once with school and again privately. Over the past month or so I seen a huge change in the way he moves in the water. I don’t get to watch when he goes with the school but obviously I watch when he swims privately. I was amazed this week. He has mastered the front crawl and swims so elegantly through the water. Widths he could swim backwards and forwards without stopping all day long. He just needs the confidence to swim without stopping from the deep end. All the same, I am very proud of his progress!

New projects

As I said above, work has been super super busy. We have just taken on a big new client which I have taken under my wing. Its exciting times, but very very busy. I like it when I am busy, it makes the day go more quickly. Its nice to know that I was part of something big and helped set it all in motion. Exciting times!

Slow Cookers and Hive by British Gas

I love my slow cooker, now I am working it literally is a life saver. This week I happened to mention to James that all I seem to do is prepare food. If it wasn’t for the slow cooker I would not have a meal on the table every night. I prepare all meals before the school run, pop it all in the slow cooker so when I get home I can just dish it up. We have British Gas Hive, so I have the app on my phone and a Hive plug which again is a massive lifesaver. Its really handy to control the meal by my phone. Win Win



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