Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up 7/52

This week has been full on. I managed to have something planned for at least everyday due to it being half term! I am glad the weekend is here so we can at least relax a little before the mayhem of the school routine kicks in! So without too much waffling, here is what our week looked like.

Sunday G had a party to go too, so we were up early to be there for 10. It was at Build A Bear and G was so excited. Whilst she was at the party I had brunch with some friends. It was quite a long morning as after being in Build A Bear the children went to Pizza Express. We didn’t get home till gone 2pm. Back home I did an easy tea. We all had baths and a relaxing night infront of the TV.

My sister came over on Monday. It was a pretty hectic day. I whizzed round and cleaned all morning and I sat down only for H to say the bathroom was flooded! I went in to inspect and yep, it was flooded alright! I had to turn the water off and beg my next door neighbour to fill up some bottles! Luckily when Mr B came home he managed to fix it and the water returned! I had fun with my sister though, the kids played together and because they have not seen each other in ages it was a little full on!

Tuesday I had to pop out and buy some new school shoes for G. We managed to get to the shops a little earlier than planned so we had a little walk around waiting for it to open. We bumped into G’s school friends and because we had no plans we decided to have them over once they were done shopping. We headed to the shoe shop, bought the shoes and whizzed home to tidy up. It was a lovely day, the girls all played really well together and G was most upset when they were leaving.

I specifically had no plans for Wednesday so we stayed in our pyjamas and lazed around all day. We really didn’t do much at all. Played some games and watched a few cartoons on Netflix. I made a pasta for dinner and had a early night. I was rather tired!

Thursday we had a change of plan. We were due to go to a friends house but because of illness it was cancelled. I decided to take G and H to soft play and invited along a friend. It was a lovely day, we spent all morning there and then popped into McDonalds for lunch after. I had to do my weekly shopping on the way home, never fun with two children in tow!! Mr B was a little late home due to a physio session so I put the kids to bed and had his dinner ready for when he arrived home.

We went to visit friends on Friday and it was such a lovely day. A few other school mums went too and we had a good old natter and a giggle. We had a stroll down to the beach for some fresh air and it was generally a really lovely day. We got stuck in horrendous traffic on the way home and resulted in playing eye spy which was a little tedious at times! Mr B was late home {again} but picked up a curry on route home!

Saturday was a funny old day. Mr B and H had to get there hair cut right in the middle of the day. We lazed about all morning only getting dressed just before we needed to go out. We had lunch in the cafe after the hair cuts and then home to Netflix.. G choice of Barbie! Poor H!


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