Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up | 6/52

This week has been such a hectic week with gas works being sorted down our road. I have found the whole thing unbearable and saying goodbye to them on Friday was a relief in itself! So without too much waffling this is what our week has been like..

Sunday Mr B was working. G and H played reasonably well together whilst I did the dreaded task of cleaning. I managed to change all the beds, hoover, mop and clean. It took me to well after lunch and by the time I sat down I didn’t want to get up and cook dinner! Mr B came home and we all sat and ate dinner together. A chilled evening in front of the TV.

Once I had dropped G and H off on Monday I went to my sisters. We had to pop out and do some shopping and I had to stock up on pancake ingredients! The weather was awful, windy and rainy and unfortunately due to being so close to the M25 I decided to cancel G swimming lesson due to the traffic. Once the QE2 bridge is closed the whole surrounding areas clog up and I was not going to sit in traffic for hours on end. The horror stories I heard late evening about how people had been stuck in traffic for hours, just to do a mile journey was pretty horrendous. My mum and her partner came round for dinner and I had  to pop out and help at the village hall later on in the evening.

Tuesday was pancake day! We were up extra early so we could eat them for breakfast. Once home from the school run my gas was switched of whilst a new metre was put in. I literally froze! I had three blankets and a hot water bottle to keep me warm! I binged watched on Making A Murderer on Netflix. Once G and H were back from school we had pie for dinner –  which didn’t go down well at all!

G and H were in school extra early on Wednesday due to morning club. I whizzed home and had a cup of tea with Mr B before heading out to spend the day with a friend. We had a good natter and a gossip. I left after lunch and had a sneaky half hour nap on the sofa when I got in. Mr B was off so he gave me the nudge when it was time to pick G and H up. I actually cannot remember what we did for dinner, but both G and H were in bed early due to a few early starts.

Thursday yet again the QE2 bridge was closed so traffic was unbelievable, it scuppered my plans to do my weekly shop! I decided to give up and try after lunch. I went home, caught up on all my washing and managed to fit in a few more episodes of Making A Murderer. It was disco day so I took G and H to a friends house after school and we all got ready together. G looked adorable with her hair curled and H looked as handsome as ever! Once home, G was a tad overtired so we had a few tears before bed which wasn’t my idea of fun!

Last day of school on Friday. The break is a most welcome one and its definitely needed! Back home from dropping G and H off at school and again my gas was turned off, it would be all day. I pottered around the house cleaning until I could no longer feel my fingers so out came the blankets and hot water bottle! Luckily it was switched back on by the time I left to pick G and H up. I made sure the house was warm for when we got back!

Saturday Mr B was working and I had a party to attend to. G unfortunately had to come along and she was really well behaved throughout the whole thing. H partied the afternoon away with all his friends and I watched with pride at how confident he has become. I had the curry on for when Mr B arrived home from work. We caught up on some TV once G and H were in bed.


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