What a week! Its been filled with sickness bugs, school trips and lots of washing! I feel so tired and could of quite happily stayed in bed this morning, but with Mr B at work I reluctantly pulled myself together! I am rather pleased this week is over and I am looking forward to spending the half term with G and H and not running around! So without too much waffling, here is what we have been up to this week..

Sunday we arrived home from staying at my in-laws a little delicate. I drank far to much and I spent the day in my pyjamas on the sofa. It was actually really nice, not doing anything. I did get up to cook a dinner of kiev and chips and I prepped for the school week, making sandwiches and ironing uniform. Both G and H were so tired from the previous days antics they were in bed rather early. Mr B and I caught up wth some TV and then I went to bed. I must of been really tired as it didn’t take me long at all to fall asleep. We were woken at 1am to G running to the bathroom and unfortunately our night was going to be a long one as she was being sick {she aimed well and luckily we had no clearing up to do!} G was in fact sick every 20 minutes so not much sleep was had from then till the alarm going off.

With G ill, I took H to school on Monday whilst Mr B waited at home with her. I got back to wave goodbye to Mr B and to snuggle on the sofa. Thankfully G seemed a little perkier. We decided to go back to bed and have a nap as we were both so tired! With a good 2 hour sleep G woke feeling a lot better and I made her some toast. I was feeling a little peaky so in preparation on me getting this bug I decided to starve myself, I am not good at being sick! At 12.15 I received a call to say H had been sick in the playground so I had to pick him up. I get so sorry for him when I arrived. He didn’t look well at all. Back home we rested on the sofa till Mr B arrived home. H had been sick a few more times but it looked like as he too didn’t eat his lunch he wouldn’t bring anything else up. Unfortunately that was not the case. H ended up being sick every 2 hours from 8pm! With a little mix-up to where the bucket was by his bed we did have to change the sheets but other than that, he did really well with his aim!

Tuesday saw G and H laid up on the sofa. H had been sick throughout the night and into the morning. When he asked me for food I was a little dubious, but I gave him some toast and then some lunch and then he had dinner so he was back to his happy self. G was feeling fine and die to a 48 hour rule at school was off as a precaution. She would return tomorrow.I caught up on all my washing. I changed all the beds and cleaned the upstairs. Early nights all round and a non-inturuppted sleep was had by everyone!

G was back to school on Wednesday and H stayed at home with Mr B. We had a few errands to run so with H feeling better we decided to go out. We were back home for lunch and H polished his off, he was definitely better! I went and picked G up from school. We all had baths and literally did nothing for the rest of the evening.

Thursday G and I were on a school trip. H went back to school as normal. The school trip was to London for the day. We actually got stuck in traffic for two hours {it would normally be a 40 minute journey!} but even with the delay it was a pretty good day. We walked a fair amount and by the time we had got back to the coach I was knackered! Thankfully it didn’t take as long to get back to the school! Mr B was waiting for us with H and we got home for a pizza delivery tea! I was too tired to cook!

The end of the week! Friday saw both children back to school as normal. Mr B did the school run for me and I stayed at home. Once he returned we went shopping and then did nothing until school pick up. It was so nice just to chill. Once back from school we were expecting a sales rep from Sharps to come round and price up a few things. He didn’t leave till 7 so after putting the kids to bed Mr B and I eventually sat down fro dinner and spoke about the visit from Sharps. We have so much to consider when it comes to this house renovation!

Saturday Mr B was at work I and went and visited my mum and her husband. We took a walk round the shops and bout some bits for lunch. G and H played games, and we spent the morning watching Netflix and chatting. I was home by 2 and I got straight in my pyjamas! It has been such a busy week of sickness and adventures I was totally knackered. We had sausages for dinner.



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