Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up | 5/52

I forgot to post last week our catch-up series {bad blogger} I don’t really have an excuse either as to why I didn’t type one up! But without too much waffling, this is what we have been up to this week.

Sunday we went to Mr B’s parents for lunch. We had an amazing roast beef dinner and apple crumble for dessert. I actually wasn’t feeling great for most of the day and I was thankful that I had managed to get all the school bits ready before we left. Shamefully I took myself of to bed before the kids and slept right through.

I woke on Monday still feeling ill, so I took G and H to school and came home to lay on the sofa. Thankfully by the time lunch time came round I was feeling a lot better. Its no fun being a migraine sufferer, it knocks me out for hours and I suffer terrible for days after. I had to return to school for a meeting about up-coming lessons after lunch. Once I picked G and H up from school we quickly whipped home and changed for G’s swimming lesson. Mr B was working late’s so once home we had our tea. Bed time soon arrived and I continues with the story The Twits!

Tuesday I┬áheaded straight to the shops to get some birthday presents for G’s friends. I had to wait an hour for the shopping centre to open as I also had to pick up an online order, so I may of snuck into McDonalds for a hash brown! I went home and managed to get on top of all the washing before school pick-up. Once I had picked G and H up we chilled for the evening. Baths and bed. Mr B was working late’s again so I managed to catch-up on some of my TV.

It was Mr B’s last day of working late’s today. I returned home after dropping off G and H at gymnastics early and spent the morning with Mr B {the perk of working late is he goes in a little later} When he left for work I left to go to my sisters. We popped into town and I had lunch at hers. I picked up G and H, we were off to Pizza Hut for dinner as it was G’s friends birthday. It was a lovely evening and the girls all got on really well. H felt a little left out due to being the only boy!

Thursday Mr B and I did the school run together and we headed straight to Bluewater. He had some vouchers that he won via work so we planned to go without the kids as it would be a lot easier instead of dragging them around. Mr B bought a new game and he treated me to a lovely Cath Kinston bag {and matching purse} We had lunch out and headed home just in time for the school pick-up. We treated G and H to something little too! Mr B had a physio session as he has hurt his neck, so I bathed the kids and put them to bed.

I had to help out with a school trip on Friday. Luckily no coaches were involved! We walked to the church and the class had a RE lesson. It was actually really interesting and I may have learnt something new too! Mr B and I also did the weekly shopping {something I hate!} Once G and H were home I got myself into the bath and ready for a night out. I was meeting up with some mums from school for a curry and a drink!

Saturday I did nothing. Mr B was at work and I was feeling a little tender. I felt ill all day and was starting to wonder if it was the drink or if I had caught a bug. I managed to eat dinner but I was in bed early!


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