What a week! I am feeling a little worse for wear after having a all-day-party yesterday and I was in two minds if I would actually be able to sit at the computer and type up a post. I have left it till late where my head isn’t as foggy as it was earlier! Without too much waffling this is what we have been up to this week.

Sunday we had a day at home. I managed to catch up on all my washing and pottered around in the garden. I tidied the garden beds up and de-snailed. We have so many snails in the garden its becoming slightly annoying! Our pants have had a good battering from them and I have had enough! I was pretty impressed with my work and gave the plants a good water. I prepped all the school uniform and lunches. We all had our ritual Sunday evening bath and early nights were had.

Mr B was off on Monday we had to pop to the shops to pick up some birthday cards, worst job ever picking out cards. We popped into M&S and bought some lunch bits and a cheeky cake. I had a PTA meeting at the school so headed off after lunch to get there on time. Once I had picked up G and H we went back home where G got ready for swimming and we left daddy and H to prepare dinner. G surprises me every week when it comes to swimming. She is getting so confident and has become such a great swimmer. Once home we ate a pizza tea which Mr B had cooked.

Tuesday I wasn’t feeling to well. I dropped G and H off at school for 8am and I came home and went back to bed. I had a good 2 hour sleep. I woke feeling so much better and full of energy. I cleaned the bathrooms and swept, hovered and mopped downstairs. I did the laundry and put a few more washes on. I was supposed to be reading at the school but had to wait in for a delivery, luckily it came 15 minutes before I was due out. On my way to the school I received a call to collect G as she was feeling unwell, so reading was not carried out. Once I went back out to pick H up we arrived home ready for nanny and grandad to arrive. I did a really easy tea of pie and garlic potatoes. Mr B was really late home as traffic was pretty bad.

I dropped G and H pff early at school as they were at morning club. I drove straight to my sisters to spend the day with her. We took a trip out to IKEA so she could stock up on some bits for her business. We had a rather lovely IKEA breakfast {its becoming a bit of a habit!}. Once I picked G and H up we arrived home to baths and pyjamas. Mr B thankfully was home on time which always puts a smile on our faces! We had an evening in front of the TV as we had loads to catch up on.

Thursday I completely forgot H was supposed to dress up, so once I dropped them both off I had to shoot back home collect the dressing up costume and take it back to him! I then went straight to do my food shop. I was rather impressed I managed to get it in £20 under budget! I got home and watched the last two Marcella’s. Once home from the school run G had to finish of her homework which as usual we had left till the last minute! Meatballs and pasta for dinner which is becoming a firm favourite.

I didn’t do anything on Friday. I got back from the school run and stayed on the sofa all day. I managed to catch up with all my blog reading and a few TV programmes. It was such a lovely chilled day and it was very much needed. I decided to make a shepherds pie for dinner, but once the meat was defrosted I realised it had gone funny! Once I picked G and H up I took them to the park and had a good old natter with a friend. I managed to persuade Mr B to a McDonalds tea!

Saturday we were off to Mr B  parents for my father in laws birthday. A karaoke machine had been hired and we spent the day in the summer house belting out some tunes. I drank way too much and after a takeaway curry I collapsed on the sad with H and fell asleep. I woke at 10 feeling awful and managed to get back to sleep on the air bed Mr B had put up. Apart from the fact I over drank, the day was so much fun and we all had a blast! Its become a yearly ritual for my father in law to have a family get-together on his birthday! Bring on next years!



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