Mummy Hearts You Weekly Catch-Up | 4/52

I am back re-capping on my week and I’ve had the pleasure of having Mr B off work. Unfortunately due to sickness so my days have consisted of making sure he was ok..

Sunday we went for lunch to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday. It was a lovely day and we had a room to ourselves. Mr B’s family were there which is always nice and it’s really not often we all get together. Back home we had baths and I prepared for the following day busy prepping lunches and sorting uniforms.

I had to take Mr B to the doctors on Monday. Once the G and H were dropped of at school we headed straight there. Mr B was signed off for the week and given some medication so once were finished we headed straight to the pharmacy. Once home we relaxed on the sofa till pickup. G was at swimming and because Mr B was off I was able to leave H with him. Once home we had a pizza tea and baths and bed.

Tuesday I watched G in her achievement assembly. She was rewarded a headteachers award so I went to see her receive it. I got home and lazed on the sofa {again} we watched daytime TV till school pick. I made a toad in the hole for dinner which turned out really well but was a complete disaster with the children!

G and H were at morning club on Wednesday and I was a little worried about it. I dropped them of at 8 and I waited around to make sure they didn’t go outside into the playground on there own. My main concern being the open gate! Once i knew they were settled into school I went to my sisters for lunch. I headed back home as both G and H were at film club after school so I picked them up later than usual. G wasn’t entirely happy when I picked her up, having to sit through Star Wars was not what she was expecting! We got home and had a pasta dinner which was a bit better than the previous nights attempt of toad in the hole!

Thursday I did the school run and picked Mr B up to help with the food shop. He was feeling a lot better. Once home Mr B decided to give the grass a mow, it didn’t go down to well and what’s left of it looks dead! I am hoping it comes back nice and green in the spring! I picked up G and H and we had burgers for tea.

H had his first school assembly on Friday so Mr B and I did the school run so we could both watch. G was at a party after school and because I had a hospital appointment scheduled she was being picked up by a friend and would be taken to the party with her friend. H was picked up by Mr B’s mum and dad. The hospital appointment went well and luckily I made it to the party on time so I could be with G. Back home I had a curry cooking so when we returned we put G and H to bed and enjoyed it in front of celebrity big brother.

Saturday we had a busy day. We had to pop over to my uncles to sort something out for him. G and H were dropped of at my mums so they wouldn’t get bored. Once finished we went back to my mums and had a big roast dinner. An evening of blogging in front of the TV was had whilst catching up on programmes missed through the week.


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