This really should of been up yesterday, but I didn’t have it ready. A few weeks ago I blogged about blogging block and I still find myself gearing myself up to blog. I have had a change around and a freshen up so I am hoping that gives me the push I need to get my head out of the clouds! Here is what the Mummy Hearts You house have been up to this week!

Sunday we went to my mums for lunch. Both G and H had as sleepover so we picked up my sister and my nephews and enjoyed a lovely day in the garden. The weather was so nice, we had the pool out and we also had a water slide out which G absolutely loved. She has been after one for ages and was so pleased when we unboxed it. She had so much fun with her cousins throwing herself along it. When we got home, I had a bath, then bathed the kids and relaxed on the sofa.

Back to normality on Monday. Mr B retuned to work after having a nice long week off. I returned from the school run and pottered around the house. I popped out to meet a friend for breakfast. We enjoyed a little catch-up and had a good old natter. I went home and caught up with the washing {I had got a little behind!} I left to pick G and H up and we headed straight to swimming. G did so well and she improves weekly! H played up chronic and I found myself counting to 10 more than once. Once home I cooked tea and before I knew it, it was bedtime!

Tuesday I had a busy day. I dropped G and H off early at school for Mini Games and returned home to change the beds, wash them and tidy upstairs. I had a quick lunch and left to go and help in H’s class. I read with them {or they read to me} every Tuesday. When I arrived I realised not much reading would be done as LUSH had come in to visit which meant all the children were involved in making bath bombs, and playing with all sorts from LUSH store. It was actually a really lovely afternoon. When we arrived home we literally did nothing! I prepped lunches for the following day and bathed the children. We had tea once Mr B arrived home.

Another early start on Wednesday, both G and H were at gymnastics. I was supposed to pop to my sisters, but I needed to finish tidying the house. I couldn’t leave it another day! Once my jobs were done I caught up on some much needed TV. Another easy evening in. Mr B’s summer shifts were paying off, its been nice having him home at 4pm!

Thursday I did the normal school run routine. I had a hospital appointment so made the 40 minute journey to the hospital. I received my treatment of electrode zapping on my neck and made my way home. Thankfully I was back intime for the school run. G was off round her friends house so it was just H that needed picking up. He wasn’t to happy it was me and not nanny! He got so upset. We decided on a McDonalds tea as I had not been shopping so once we picked G up we went and got a cheeky takeaway!

My favourite day of the week, Friday! It was non-uniform day which made my morning run more smoothly for some reason. Mr B was off, so we decided to go and buy H’s birthday presents. I was disappointed that we actually could not find anything he wanted. Feeling defeated we went home empty handed. We had lunch and then popped back out to another shopping centre, we hit the jackpot and luckily managed to do a full hit in one shop! We picked G and H up and returned home to our pyjamas. Lazy friday evening in front of the TV

Saturday had a lazy morning. G and H woke up late so the lay in was definitely needed. We had a party to go to at lunchtime. After the party we popped to M&S to buy some bits for dinner. Both Mr B and I had a homemade curry and the children choice of dinner was beans on toast! We had an afternoon in the garden.


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