This week has been pretty horrendous, mainly because of the electrics and the amount of dust that has com with it! Literally everything has been coated with a nice thick layer! Without too much waffling, here is what we have been up too.

Sunday we drove to Mr B’s parents for lunch. My mother in law made one of my favourite desserts of sticky toffee pudding {from scratch!} it was a lovely day. The children played in the garden and the adults sat in the warm! {it was pretty chilly} when we got home we didn’t do much. Thankfully I had prepped lunches and ironed school uniforms in the before we left that morning. I had a bath and we chilled on the sofa for the evening.

I woke with a pretty bad headache in Monday. Mr B was so lovely and made sure the children were dressed and fed for school. I laid in bed till I had to get up to take G and H to school. When I returned the electrician was ready and waiting. It was the moment I was dreading of channeling walls out and it wasn’t what I wanted to listen to with a headache. I felt awful all day and just after lunch I received a call from the school with a poorly G. My friend offered to pick H up so I didn’t need to worry about getting back to the school. As G was ill swimming was cancelled, so once the electrician left we all got into our pjs and had early nights.

Tuesday G woke feeling loads better and so do I! They were off to a morning club which both G and H were looking forward to. I dropped them off early and got back and waited for round two of noise and mess. It actually wasn’t as bad as yesterday. I managed to catch up the washing and pottered around the house giving everything a quick dust, I really shouldn’t of bothered as it reappeared five minutes later. We had meatballs for dinner. Which is currently our favourite.

Another club before School on Wednesday so we were up and out before 8. Mr B was off so I got the day off from being stuck indoors. I went to my sister and took her IKEA. She treated me to a breakfast and I treated her to a free tea. We had a wander round and she picked some bits up for her little business she has going. Later Mr B had a hospital appointment so after picking G and H up I dropped him off and we went and sat round her house as she lives close to the hospital and it saved on parking costs! We had a cheeky tea of McDonald’s on the way home.

Mr B was back at work Thursday. Once u dropped the children off I let the electrician in and I popped out to do my shopping. I was only gone an hour. Back home I prepared dinner of shepherds pie. We didn’t do much in the evening, caught up in TV and had an early night as Mr B was back at the hospital early in the morning.

Friday was a mismatched day. Mr B had an operation so I had to drop him off for 8am. My in laws took G and H to school which they were rather excited about {the children, not my in laws!} it was a huge help, originally I planned to stay at the hospital and wait, but I wasn’t allowed I would be called when it was time to pick him up. I wasn’t keen but it had to be done. Just before lunch I got the call to pick him up so I whizzed back and collected him. I was so relieved to see him! Back home Mr B’s parents popped in to see how he was. I left to pick G and H up and they were a little disappointed it was me and not Nanny and Grandad! They were bit disappointed long as they were going for a sleepover at my mums. I got home and packed them off all excited. Mr B and I had a cheeky takeaway.

With our child free morning on Saturday we spent it cleaning. How very rock and roll. We managed to clear the dust which made me feel better as it really was as annoying me and sticking to your feet! We had lunch and went to pick the children up. We stayed at my mums for dinner which was lovely. H was overtired and ended up in a heap in the sofa asleep. I was a bit worried about him going to bed but the early start to the day and running around the park obviously wore him out because we didn’t hear a peep out of them!


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