Again, I have been pretty slack with my weekly catch up and have not done a proper one since we got back from Center Parcs over Easter. This week has seen us have our house renovations started and its been a little up in the air with a full-house-rewire! Its been a little chaotic but in a good way! So without too much waffling, here is what we have been up to this week!

Sunday saw us lazing around for the morning. Mr B was working. H had a party in the afternoon, so we had late baths and spent the morning chilling on the sofa. The weather was surprisingly nice so G and H spent most of the morning in the garden. We went to the party and I had a grumpy G as she had to tag along, but actually you would not have known she was there as she was so well behaved. She even came away with a cheeky party bag! Once home, Mr B and I had dinner and caught up with some TV once G and H were in bed.

I dropped G and H off to school on Monday and returned home to the electrician happily starting work. Mr B walked him round and reminded him of all the sockets we wanted adding. I was actually off out to meet a friend for breakfast so I left Mr B in the garden as he wanted to re-new the pathway. I met my friend at Valerie Patisserie and had a good old catch up with him and his partner. Later I had to go to the school for a PTA meeting and I left feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Nothing is ever simple! Once home G got dressed for swimming and I left H with Mr B. G was a little upset as she is going through a stage of her thinking she isn’t good enough, but once she was in the water she was fine. Back home for a pizza dinner and an early night with a book!

Tuesday Mr B was off so he stayed at home to welcome the electrician back. I did the school run and returned home to a freshly made brew! Mr B had some jobs do do so he left and made copious cups of tea. Mr B returned at lunch and bought goodies from M&S. I later picked G and H up and when I returned from the school run my mum and her partner had arrived. I had made meatballs for dinner which was a huge hit with G and H! Once the bedtime routine was done we caught up on some TV.

Mr B was back to work Wednesday so there was no hanging mourned for me at the school. I dropped G and H pff and returned home sharpish to let the electrician in. It was a full on day, which meant I was in the kitchen for most of it as he was concentrating on the lounge. To be honest it was quite a boring day. I managed to catch up on my washing which was over flowing! Back home from school and we literally did nothing for the rest of the day. Mr B arrived home late so I put G and H to bed.

Thursday I was off out! I went shopping and then darted over to see my sister. I stayed for lunch and it was nice not to have to stay in all day. G had a bad day at school and was left rather upset by an incident that happened and she was a bit of a pain getting to bed. Mr B was late in again, so when he arrived home he went and spoke to her and she soon settled.

G was still upset on Friday morning and I had trouble getting her into school. She never lets anything other her normally and she was pretty traumatised by the incident. We had tears on the way and in the playground and I felt pretty awful leaving her. I got back home and luckily I was stuck in the lounge for most of the day whilst the electrician worked his magic in the kitchen. I picked G and H up from school and we returned home and chilled for the rest of the day. Thankfully G had a more successful day.

Saturday we did nothing. Mr B was at work so me, G and H stayed in out pyjamas and spent the day watching Netflix. I made a homemade curry for Mr B and I which is my favourite meal of the week. G and H were really ell behaved all day, considering it was pretty dull!


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