Yankee Candles…

What is it about candles that we love, I normally only ever buy candles at christmas. Cinnamon and christmassy smelling scents, that intoxicate the room. I love it when you open a door and you get that lovely full on fresh candle smell, and there is nothing better than after a long day looking after the kiddos than having a long hot bath by candlelight.

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of Yankee candles, I’ve always wanted some but as they are on the more expensive side I’ve always resisted in buying them, but they were on a special offer so I gave in and they just happened to fall into my basket. Then last week I was contacted and asked to write about them, so I thought why not?

I was sent over a website where you can purchase Yankee candles from and I was amazed at how many different scents you could choose from! I always knew there was a vast range but not like this! I’ve only ever seen the odd few on display in shops. After looking at all the different scents at  Collectables online store. I am now compiling a wish list, not just for me but for family, as these make a perfect gift!

PicMonkey Collage

You should head over to collectables online store and stock up on your yankee candles, they have some great offers on them at the moment, including buy one large jar and get £5 off the 2nd!

*This post was bought to you by collectables*


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