Why Now Do You Decided To Pack Up And Die God Damn It….

Yes Washer Dryer I am talking to YOU!!!!! I hate you at the best of times but right night I fudging despise you!

Last week we, I say we, Moo Moo, Thor and the husband all came down with the winter vomiting bug, just as that happened the washing machine decided to play games and flood the kitchen! Luckily someone we know managed to save us from despair and sort the thing out. Washing caught up with, and a bug free house it starts to play tricks on us and it was like jumping up and down in muddy puddles in the comfort of our own home! So we order a part and the husband spends his evening fixing the wretched thing, only for me to clean a soap sodden floor this morning (least its clean! sparkling in fact!) Tomorrow I have a brand spanking new washer dryer being delivered, Im not the least bit impressed really, Im annoyed the old one died, right on top of christmas, of all the times to pack up and die, you had to choose now!


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