Why Do Onesie’s Look So Comfy…?

Baby grows look so cute when there small. When you buy them and take them out the pack for the first time and look at them they just look so adorable and your heart melts and you get all clucky! So who’s idea was it to make an adult version! and to make them to look so damn comfy!?? There I was shopping the other day for children’s shoes and had to buy myself some new socks as they ones I had, had holes in them all, and I came across the Onesie that everyone is banging on about, and wow! they look so warm and cosy and I could picture myself in one, in the corner of my sofa snuggled up to the husband. He soon snapped me out of that dream by declaring they were hideous and awful! Well Mr… Any money I shall receive from santa I shall be buying myself one to re-live that dream! here are some of my choices…





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