What Are You Looking At?

I hate it, those stares you get when your out and about, the sly comments of

“shut your child up”

“control your child”

Sometimes I wonder if these people ever had children them selves the way they act! I had to pop to the library, yes! the library of all places and Moo Moo was a little over excited, she loves a book. I needed to print a form out, our printer is up the duff (no silly! just broken) and rather than buy a new one we may as well just pop to the library every so often to print things out. I normally go when Moo Moo is at play school but I thought I would take her with me… BIG MISTAKE! Thor was off like a rocket and was all over the joint, I was trying to load the webpage up to download the PDF file to print, having to have eyes in the back of my head, Moo Moo was running round like she was a banshee, knocking things off the shelves! I kept shouting forgetting I was in the library, like I was some crazy women! People staring at me, tutting at the children! making me feel bad…

Its doubly worse when something needs to be done and it was just not going to plan. The librarian ended up taking control and making Moo Moo do some tidying up! that kept her entertained while I printed the forms of I needed. I wont be doing that again in a hurry!


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