Weekly Round-Up #8

This week has been a bit manic, we arrived back off holiday the previous Friday {post all about our holiday can be read here} and then it was a busy weekend. Most importantly last Saturday, we said our final goodbye to my nan, as we scattered her ashes, it was such a lovely day and the sun shone for her.

Lots has happened this week, so without to much waffling…

Sunday we went to the in-laws for dinner. We had lots of tales from our holiday which was lovely. We spent the day in the garden and most importantly it was so nice not to have to rush off due to school preparations! This is why I love the summer holidays! No rushing about! We ordered our new bathroom suite too! Exciting times!

I had to go for an appointment today. Me and the Mr dropped Moo and H off at the in-laws and whilst we were gone, they seemed to have a whale of a time! We didn’t really do much for the rest of the day. Monday was a bit of a blur!

Tuesday saw us head to the cinema and watch The Minions. I was really looking forward to it. It didn’t disappoint and Moo and H really enjoyed it too. I am glad we waited to watch it as there were not many people in the cinema with us. Its how I like it!

We had a delivery ordered for Wednesday. The Mr decided to put a new radiator in the lounge as it was really cold last winter. Whilst waiting Mr B started to prepare the flooring and pipe work. We decided on a whim to rip up our carpet too! {maybe a big mistake but time will tell!} I am quite liking the wooden floor boards if I’m honest! Mr B was busy working all day.

Thursday morning was slow morning and in the afternoon it saw me popping back to the hospital so the in-laws came to us to look after Moo and H. I came home with instructions to relax, so Mr B cooked dinner and I rested on the sofa! Our new bathroom was delivered today too!

I literally sat on the sofa all day. I was supposed to have a friend over, but I really wasn’t feeling my best. It was pretty manic in the lounge as floorboards were up and pipes were everywhere, but thankfully the Mr was able to finish doing the work. We had a curry dinner {which I did get up to make!}

Saturday we went to the shops to get some presents for Moo’s friends birthday. I was hosting dinner for my sister and as the weather was so nice we decided during the week it would be a BBQ.. I popped to the butchers and bought some extra bits. It was such a lovely evening and the children all played really nicely together!

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